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1980’s / Disco

During the late 1960's all the way to the early 1980's came about the era of dance.....DISCO! When bling and bright colours was all the fashion....flared pants and halter tops! And a time when Saturday night fever was all the rage....check out some of the disco costumes below. It's Rad and totally tubular.......1980's......the era of the Rubik's cube, neon and the best music ! The more colourful, bright and bigger the hair....shoulder pads were the in thing and not to mention jelly shoes. This is definitely an era for fun and over the top......check out our 80's section on our shop page for accessories to purchase!  

Characters – Cartoon / Fairtytale / Storybook

What an enchanting theme! Everyone has always loved dressing up as your favourite cartoon character......or a character from a classic storybook or fairy tale. Whether it is your favourite modern day characters like the toy story crew....or a classic storybook character that has been around for decades. Enjoy browsing through this range and seeing these characters come to life.....

Characters – Movie / TV

A night at the Oscars.....? Movie Stars.....Hollywood Characters? This is certainly the section for you. Dress as a famous movie character.....whether its your favourite action hero, superhero, princess or even animation! View the range below to get an idea of what we stock. REMEMBER movies have been created out of almost any theme....so be bold, explore our other sections for a wider range. Perhaps you would like to dress as a character from Troy....or even from Chicago or the great Gatsby! The options are endless......

Couple Costume Ideas

In every theme there are couple costumes! Costumes that compliment each other. There is such a variety to choose from - below are just some ideas of what you could go for! Remember that we may only stock one of each size.....so please enquire with us and we can assist in finding the perfect couples costume for you!

Day of the Dead

One of the most famous Mexican celebrations - Day of the Dead! Dia de los Muertos.....a day that honours those who have died! Full of colours and sugar skulls with a Mexican flair....this is definitely a popular theme! Below are a range of costumes  Remember to add face paint or a mask to give that sugar skull look! We also stock a range of accessories for sale...to view these then click here now....

Egyptian / Roman / Grecian

Travel back to Ancient times....in Egypt, Roman and Greece. Dress up as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony or be one of the Gods and Goddesses.....or a fierce Gladiator....the choice is yours! Check out the costumes below.

Elite Costume Collection

Welcome to Our Exquisite Range of Elite Costumes! Unleash your seductive side into a magical world of endless possibilities. From Pirates to Princesses, Vampires to Fairies ..... the choice is yours! In this range the costumes are R1000 each to hire with a deposit payble of R2000. The deposit is refunded on the return. These prices are relating to the Elite costume collection only.

French Maids / Bunny Girls

Sexy and Sassy is what this section is all about! Why not dress a sexy French maid.....whether attending a French themed event, a Bachelorette or even Magenta from the Rocky Horror then this should be quite a bit of fun for you. Or.....why not be good Ol' Hugh Hefner himself or one of the very famous Playgirl Bunnies! Have a look at some of the exciting costumes below...

German / Oktoberfest

Whether dressing as a Country........or attending a Beer fest.....check out the German / Oktoberfest themed costumes below!


Halloween!! The biggest costume and party time of the year! The imagination can run wild. Whether you would like something scary, ghoulish or horror movie related then this is definitely a range for you! But remember Halloween is not just dressing as something scary.....it means you can dress as absolutely anything - so browse through all our other costume categories for other costume ideas. Below are just some of the costumes we have available in this range! As Halloween is a very busy time of the year - please make sure to contact us via phone or e-mail to check on availability and sizing.  Costumes can be booked before Halloween so make sure to book now to avoid disappointment. For costumes to purchase as well as décor and costume accessories....please visit our sister site now - http://thehalloweenstore.co.za/ - all these products are also available at Scalliwags!

Hippies / 1960’s – 70’s

When colours were bright and flower power was the rage! Make love, not war! Be chilled....be colourful....be a flower child. Enjoy one of the most fun themes and dress as a laid back hippy...with bell bottoms, peace signs and thongs!

Mafia / Gatsby / 1920’s

Imagine yourself in a world of Gangsters and Molls! Feathers, Pearls and Tommy Guns! Whether you want to be the god Father....or a character from the Great Gatsby then have a look at the range of costumes below.......

Mardi Gras / Carnival

If your theme is Mardi Gras or Carnival....then this is the range for you. Remember that carnival is an annual festival which involves music, dancing and the use of masquerade! You can wear absolutely anything as long as you are bright and colourful and a little over the top!! Mardi Gras or otherwise known as Fat Tuesday is a traditional carnival held in New Orleans! Their tradition is to use the three colours green, purple and gold as they give a special meaning to this carnival - Justice, Faith and Power! Remember....it is still a carnival - so dress bright and colourful and try to incorporate these colours!

Medieval / Renaissance

Travel back to the middle ages.....where King Arthur Ruled in Camelot! There were Knights and Wenches, Maidens and Noblemen.....even Witches, Wizards and Fairies! The options are endless.......if Medieval and Renaissance is what you need then have a look below.....

Moulin Rouge / Burlesque

Do you need something sassy and sultry for a Burlesque themed event? Or perhaps you need to dress up as one of the Can Can dancers at the Moulin Rouge? From Saloon girls to Showgirls and Carnival to Cabaret......this is the section to view..... We stock a range of full costumes as well as a variety of corsets and skirts to make up the ideal look. For more info on this range, please do not hesitate to contact us now....

New Arrivals

NEW NEW NEW COSTUMES JUST ARRIVED! Checkout our amazing new arrivals! From some of the newest movie characters to a few of your favourite superheroes! These costumes are available for hire only in store. For more information please contact us now!


Sail the seas with pirates, buccaneers and Scalliwags! Whether you want to be a sexy Pirate wench or Captain of the high seas then this is the section for you. Browse through our wide range of wenches, captains and pirates treasures!

Premier Collection

If you are looking for something really special and different......then this is the costume range for you! From fantasy to characters, Halloween and countries....there is something for everyone is this collection. These costumes range from R300 to R700 to hire.

Rock n’ Roll / Grease / 1950’s-60’s

Imagine yourself in the time of the "jitterbug", "swing" and the "boogie woogie"....or a character from Grease.....! One of the most popular and fun themes ...a time to "Rock n roll"!


Senoritas and Senors......dress in these Spanish classics.....whether you would like to be a flamenco dancer or a bull fighter then this is the range for you. View some of the options below to get an idea of what we stock!

Superheroes and Villains

Is it a bird????? Is it a plane????? No its....... Superheroes and Villains!! One of the most popular dress up themes! Whether you are attending a heroes and villains theme party or want to be a cartoon or movie character then have a look at some of the options we have available below! Explore our range of caped crusaders and fictional characters! Please note - as this is one of our most popular themes....please contact us regarding sizes and availability!!

Uniforms – Land / Sea / Air

Perhaps your theme includes any of the land, sea and air crew such as pilots,sergeants and sailors then this is the section for you. Browse through the range to view some ideas for any of these themes...

Uniforms – Medical

From Doctors to Nurses.......even patients good and bad! Have a look at some of our Medical themed costumes.....

Uniforms – Police / Prisoner

Order......order in the court! Have a bit of fun with this range. Whether you want to be a convict or a robber...or perhaps on the good side of the law.....as a police man or a cop! Even a sexy and sassy cop.......! Have a look at some of the costumes we stock in the range below!

Western – Cowboy / Red Indian / Mexican

Travel back in time to the wild wild west.....! Western parties are made up of cowboys, Red Indians and do not forget the Mexicans. Dress as any of these ideas for a Western theme party or dress as individual themes.....a Bucking Bronco / Saloon Madame / Indian chief or a Maricahi! This range has all of these options.....